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Multiple selection in tree control using Win32

asked 一月 10 at 17:04 by Kinlan

Did anybody did the multiple selection in the tree control
using win32..

i stucked here for multiple selection

i have only winProc of tree control so how to handle
in it

Please reply its very urgent basis

Smile | :)

Many thanks

Your answer

2 Answers

answered 一月 11 at 01:02 by shigeta
For Win32 API
Then check notification of NM_CLICK event
case NM_CLICK:
    POINT cursorPos; GetCursorPos(&cursorPos);
    ScreenToClient(hwndTree, &cursorPos);
    thinf.pt = cursorPos;
    TreeView_HitTest(hwndTree, &thinf);
    if (thinf.flags == TVHT_ONITEMSTATEICON)
        //state changed: check the state of the item under the cursor
        BOOL isChecked = TreeView_GetCheckState(hwndTree, thinf.hItem);
        if (isChecked)
        // do something
        // do nothing?

At form designer selectenable the "Check boxes" style on your control.
Then use the following code:

DWORD dwLong = m_tree.GetWindowLong(GWL_EXSTYLE);
m_tree.SetWindowLong(GWL_EXSTYLE, dwLong);
answered 一月 11 at 12:06 by Joel
If you can use WTL CTreeViewCtrl.
for more details-
TreeCtrl - A WTL tree control with Windows Vista style item selection[ ^]


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