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How can I create a Yahoo Pipe to convert Json into RSS

asked 一月 10 at 18:11 by maero

I'd like to convert JSON to RSS and Yahoo Pipes is the best web service I can think of for this purpose. I even found a pipe that unfortunately didn't work and only returned a null result.


The URL I was trying to pass through it (as a test) is this one:


Ideally passing it through the pipe would return this format:


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1 Answers

answered 一月 11 at 18:02 by Rikaelus

It's not perfect, but here's a start:


The JSON of each item looks like this, for example:

    "a": "sentur332", 
    "d": "http://www.8445restore.com Every year, millions of properties all over the world suffer from the threat and destruction related to water damage to the house. Get a pro to do your water restoration project. http://feliked816.livejournal.com/1350.html", 
    "n": "", 
    "u": "http://icio.us/+ac2772f88bd79", 
    "t": [
    "dt": "2014-12-23T05:17:55Z"

To convert it to RSS using Yahoo! Pipes:

  • Use Fetch Data component to fetch the JSON content:
  • Use Create RSS to map the JSON values to RSS fields
    • Title comes from d in the JSON, so use item.d
    • Author comes from a in the JSON, so use item.a
    • Publishing date comes from dt in the JSON, so use item.dt
    • Link comes from u in the JSON, so use item.u

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