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Is it possible to access an index on a casted expression?

asked 一月 12 at 08:38 by nmichaels

I am trying to deal with some input that may or may not be an array, with the intent of obtaining the first item if the input is an array, and the item itself otherwise.

Here is how I was planning to go about it:

$payload = ((array)json_decode($mapOrArray))[0];

This did not sit well with the interpreter, however. Instead, I am currently using this:

$payload = array_values((array)json_decode($mapOrArray))[0];

Only once I've wrapped the casted array in a useless method call can I use this approach.

Is accessing an index of the result of a cast impossible with a single statement? If so, what is a better way to deal with this task, preferably without introducing an extraneous variable?

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1 Answers

answered 一月 12 at 19:35 by William
list($payload) = (array) json_decode($mapOrArray);

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