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how to alter app.config File of windows Service from Front End.user Interface

asked 一月 12 at 13:00 by capsula
I have Developed a Windows Service
and a ServiceController
which shows in system Tray Icon.
which contains Sart/Stop options to Alter the state of
the Service.

Here I want to add a functionality in the menu like
setting .When user clicks the settings
a window opens to input some Time inputs
means 1 hour 2 hour or a Specific time Like 10Am or any.
when user clicks ok after enetring the value.

I want that in The App.config xml file the parameters should
pass there and changes the configuration File Accordingly.
How to achieve this.
Can this Be done
Please suggest some Idea.

Your answer

1 Answers

answered 一月 12 at 22:19 by Anna
Hi ,
Right click on your solution Choose Properties Then Settings now you can add your variable in app.config and to access this
using C#
string x = Properties.Settings.Default.Myvariable;
after you deploy your application go to set up file and modified it
Best Regards

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